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Special & Corporate Events

Macon Experiences is here for your event planning needs. We love a wedding or planning a group tour through town. All of those skills and networking can be applied to your family reunion, corporate event, graduation party, or milestone birthday!

Corporate Events - Staff Appreciation


In business, every event is an important event. Whether it be a training, VIP retreat, or product launch, your company gatherings are capable of boosting your company’s professional prestige, internal cohesiveness, networking success, and employee happiness.

You shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time stressing about all the minor details. Bring us your big-picture ideas and let us handle the details. 

Family Reunions

Many family members live out of the city, state, or even country apart from one another, so family reunions let everyone reconnect. Loved ones use this time to catch up on each other’s lives and well-being. For some, a family reunion may be the only opportunity to introduce the rest of the family to a new baby or spouse. Let us help free up your time so you can focus on creating memories with extended family.

Milestone Birthdays & Graduations


Birthday parties and Graduations are meant to be fun, so now is the time to get creative. Your special day calls for a theme and party elements that reflect your personality – and the options are endless. Themes are a fun way to get the ball rolling, whether you instill a dress code for a roaring 20s bash or transport guests to a tropical paradise at a luau. Macon Experiences is here to help you with all the creative ways to celebrate your big day. 

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